Working World Evesham is a training centre for people with a learning disability who need a little extra support getting into the workplace. We are a happy ‘family’ with seven staff based at The Adventure Playground, Woodlands, Evesham.

We currently support over 30 clients, aged between 19 and 53 years old. Some of our clients go on to work for other local employers, some combine a part time job with coming to Working World, some just love to participate at Working World.

Our programme is run with small groups in a caring, supported environment with highly experienced staff. We enjoy a wide variety of work activities at the centre, including

  • running an on-site café
  • contract ironing
  • contract gardening
  • running a small mobile shop that we take to supported housing schemes
  • contract cleaning
  • packing and selling sweets
  • doing routine administrative tasks, e.g. envelope stuffing
  • leaflet/flyer delivery

In addition to the work activities, we provide a range of social activities for clients, their families and their carers. These include evening entertainments, trips to the gym and swimming sessions, outings and an annual residential holiday.

Working World is open Monday to Thursday from 9.00am - 4.00pm

To arrange an interview, e-mail Helen or telephone her on 07966 922 223 or 01386 870 130

To talk about services we can provide for your organisation, please e-mail Helen or telephone her on 07966 922 223

"Being here is magnificent, superb, brilliant! I cannot fault it."


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