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Della's Story

“Della has been a client at Working World since 2009 since the service started. We first heard about it when Della was at college and Helen was setting this up. We were so delighted that Helen had seen this gap in the market and Della could go somewhere where she have something constructive to do - we thought the idea was brilliant. The staff at Working World are all just absolutely lovely, every single one. They make you very welcome. Della loves them all! They do everything that they can to make Working World really good for them.

Della really enjoys going away on the residential trips and the social evenings. She loves the gym and swimming session on Tuesdays. She enjoys every activity, including stuffing envelopes, making up bags of sweets and visiting the old people’s home. She enjoys shopping and providing lunch in the café.

She will want to participate although occasionally she will have a day when she’s upset. Della hates confrontation or people arguing, so sometimes she won’t want to participate, however the staff will soon persuade her back into the activity. There have been times when she hasn’t wanted to go, but there is always a good reason why. It has been difficult to say exactly what triggers for this are over the years. For a short period of time Della was ill and then had an operation to remove her gall bladder. This improved her health and she became a happier person after wards.

Della loves Working World and she is very dedicated to it. They are doing a sponsored walk this Sunday for a charity they themselves have chosen. Della was invited with our family to a christening, but wanted to go ahead with a sponsored walk as planned as she felt committed to it and had done the training.

The information Helen sends out is good; I always get copies of newsletters and also Della gets her own paper copy. Any concerns that the staff have, over her health or her overall mood, will be communicated to us either on the telephone or Helen will leave a message for us. Communication is good.

I would rate Working World as 10 out of 10 every time. It’s like one big family; they have clear objectives and clear rules and regulations. They just do the absolute best that they can for each client, according into their capability. We’ve not found a parents or carer who wouldn’t speak in a similar vein. It’s as if they have the ability to stretch the clients without it hurting – they probably don’t even realise they are being stretched! They all take part, however limited each individual is, and work together."

Jean Colley, mother of Della Colley, May 2015

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