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Adam's story

"Adam has been with Working World since it started, we found out about Working World when he was a course at Evesham College. He now comes three full days every week.

The staff are excellent - they are all enthusiastic and very good at what they do.  Adam enjoys everything. He looks forward to going in the morning and he enjoys mixing with the people there. He particularly enjoys going out with the group into the community to work. I don’t think there’s an activity that he dislikes, he really loves it all. He particularly likes working with IT, and Working World is developing this part of the service at the moment. Working World has always been active in improving the service they offer.

We get regular information from Working World through their newsletters and we can speak to them at any time. At the moment we see many of the staff daily as we are taking Adam in each morning.

When Adam joined Working World, he didn’t talk much at all to other people. Now we can see he’s made a lot of progress with his social skills and he joins in conversations. He talks a lot more at home as well!

Adam will be taking part in the summer show, by helping out running the tombola stall.

I would rate working world very highly - I find it brilliant for Adam!"

Pete Lancaster (father of Adam) June 2015

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